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ExTemp Intrinsically Safe Infrared Temperature Sensor



Intrinsically Safe Infrared Temperature Sensor, ATEX and IECEx Certified

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-  Temperature range: -20°C to 1000°C
ATEX and IECEx certified up to Zone 0 (gas) and Zone 20 (dust)
TIIS certified for use in Japan
4-20 mA output, two-wire, loop-powered
Supplied with up to 25 m cable
Cable may be extended even further (subject to safety requirements) - cable runs could extend all the way back to the control room
Stainless steel 316 housing, ideal for offshore applications

General Specifications

Temperature Range: Configurable from -20°C to 1000°C via optional USB adapter; pre-set to a choice of ranges between these limits (see Ordering)

Maximum Temperature Span: 1000°C

Minimum Temperature Span: 100°C

Output: 4 to 20 mA

Accuracy: ± 1°C or 1%, whichever is greater

Repeatability: ± 0.5°C or 0.5%, whichever is greater

Emissivity Setting Range: 0.20 to 1.00 (pre-set to 0.95)

Emissivity Setting Method: User configurable via USB interface

Response Time, t90: 240 ms (90% response)

Spectral Range: 8 to 14 μm

Supply Voltage: 12 to 24 V DC ± 5%

Maximum Current Draw: 25 mA

Maximum Loop Impedance: See Application Guide (available separately)

Hazardous Area Classification

ATEX Classification: Ex II 1GD

IECEx Classification (Gas): Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

IECEx Classification (Dust): Ex ia IIIC T135°C IP65 Da

Ambient Temperature Rating: -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ 70°C

Maximum DC Input Voltage: Ui = 28 V

Maximum Input Current: Ii = 93 mA

Maximum Input Power: Pi = 650 mW

Maximum Internal Capacitance: Ci = 8 nF

Maximum Internal Inductance: Li = 0 mH

ATEX Certificate Number: CML 14ATEX2079

IECEx Certificate Number: IECEx CML 14.0032

TIIS Certificate Number: TC21097

Supply Voltage: 12 to 24 V DC ± 5%

Maximum Current Draw: 25 mA

Maximum Loop Impedance: See Application Guide (available separately)

Field of View Diagrams

Electrical Installation

Dimensions (mm)

Loop Configuration Tool (USB Adapter)

All ExTemp models are fully configurable via the optional USB adapter (to be used in the safe area). The included Windows-compatible configuration software allows the user to rescale the 4-20 mA output, adjust the emissivity setting, and configure averaging, hold processing and reflected energy compensation. The adapter is connected to the measurement loop via mini-hook connectors.

Air Purge Collar

The air purge collar is used to keep dust, fumes, moisture and other contaminants away from the lens. Air flows into the fitting on the side and out of the aperture at the front.

Fixed Mounting Bracket

The L-shaped fixed mounting bracket offers a rigid support for the sensor and allows fine rotational adjustment about one axis.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

The adjustable mounting bracket consists of a fixed mounting bracket plus another L-shaped bracket. When assembled as shown, the adjustable mounting bracket offers a rigid support for the sensor and allows fine two-axis adjustment.

PID Controllers and Indicators

The ExTemp may be connected to any of our Pixsys indicating controllers for temperature display, PID control and alarm relay outputs. Our panel-mount PID controllers, such as the ATR121 (pictured) are priced from just £72. These indicating controllers are not ATEX or IECEx certified and may only be used in the safe area.

EX-21 2:1 optics

EX-151 15:1 optics

EX-301 30:1 optics

EX-CF Close Focus optics (measured spot diameter 5 mm at 100 mm distance)

Temperature Range:
-LT:  -20°C to 100°C

-MT:  0°C to 250°C

-HT:  0°C to 500°C

-XT:  0°C to 1000°C

-ST:  Special pre-set temperature range between limits -20°C and 1000°C (please specify range on purchase order)

-C:  User configurable via optional USB/RS-485 adapter (contact)

Cable Length:
A total cable length of up to 25 m may be fitted by the factory. Contact us for information about extending the cable further.

-5:  5 m cable

-10:  10 m cable

-25:  25 m cable

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