L900-S PSi, Standard & High Sensitivity Bioluminescence Imaging Systems



  Excellent sensitivity provided by Image Intensifier.
  Advanced software for data postprocessing - FluorCam SW.
  Inbox controlled illumination for sample preview.
  Lightproof box.
  Replaceable lens allows adapting the field of view for different application.
  Easy operation

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The Luminescence 900S and 900H represent advanced bioluminescence imaging systems specifically engineered for high sensitivity applications in imaging bacterial colonies, tissues, or individual cells, along with the precise quantification of luminescent structures.

  Luminescence 900S (L900S):
Standard sensitivity version.
It has a high sensitivity CCD detector.
Ideal for imaging applications requiring reliable sensitivity.

  Luminescence 900H (L900H):
High sensitivity version.
Equipped with a combination of an image intensifier and a highly sensitive CCD detector.
Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, making it ideal for detecting extremely low signals.
Ideal for applications that require greater sensitivity and precision.

These bioluminescence imaging systems offer cutting-edge capabilities to visualize and quantify luminescent structures in bacterial colonies, tissues, or individual cells. The L900S and L900H are designed to meet the demands of high-sensitivity imaging, ensuring accurate and reliable results in various biomedical and research applications.

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