MS-093 Sunshine Duration Sensor


Eko Instruments


  • Very precise independent from atmospheric conditions.
  • Pyroelectric detector (300 nm - 2500 nm)
  • Economic solution to measure sunshine hours

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EKO Sunshine Duration Meter MS-093 has a specially designed and rotating mirror, which reflects the direct solar radiation onto an especially flat spectral response pyroelectric sensor and measures the sunshine duration by pulse signals.

MS-093 precisely measures the direct solar irradiance that exceeds the threshold of 120w/m2, which is defined in the sunshine duration measurement method by WMO (World Meteorological Organization), making it possible to measure highly accurate sunshine duration.

EKO Sunshine Duration Meter MS-093 is a one-of-a-kind high performance instrument, which is used worldwide in many applications such as ASOS (Automated Surface Observing System) by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).


Wavelength Range 300 to 2,500nm
M i rror Rotation Speed 100 revolutions /hour (Optional: 120 revolutions/hour)
Sunshine Duration Threshold Direct Solar Irradiance 120W/m2
Sunshine Duration
Measurement Error
Within ±10% aga inst the Sunshine Duration Threshold
Power Voltage DC10.5 to 12. 5 V
Consumption Current 380mA to 450mA ( - 30 to 40°C)
Operation Temperature Range -20 to 40°C
Sunshine Duration Outputs Output : Non-voltage contact output
Pulse Width: 1±0.05sec. 
Voltage Resistance: 60V
Sunshine : Make contact for one second every 36 seconds
1pulse/36 sec., 100pulse/hour
No Sunshine : Contact remains in break condition
Weight 2.1kg
Materials Body : A6063BD
Glass Tube : Borosilicate Glass (Hard Glass)
Sensor Cover : SUS

Reset Box (Optional)

Detection Time of Stopped Mirror Approximately 7.5 Sec.
Power Supply Reset Time Approximately 20 Sec.
(Mirror does not rotate for same length of time when the power is turned on for the first time.)
Dimension 130(D) x90(W) x 47(H)mm
Weight Approximately 560g
Cable Length 1m

Power Box (Optional)

Power Voltage AC85 to 264V (50/60Hz)
Output Voltage DC12V
Fuse 2A (φ5.2 x 20, N-type)
Power Consumption 11VA
Size 200 W x 140 D x 80 H
Weight Approximately 1.1kg

Blower Fan Unit (Optional)

Maximum Wind Flow Rate Approximately 1m3/min
Maximum Static Pressure Approximately 3.3mm H2O
Noise Approximately 40phon
Rotation Frequency Approximately 2,700rpm
Power Voltage DC12V
Power Cable 10m (non-treated cable ends)
Power Consumption 16W
Weight Approximately 1.7kg