MS-802 Pyranometer


Eko Instruments


  • Secondary standard Pyranometer
  • Fast Response time (95% < 5s)
  • Temperature compensated in a wide temperature range
  • High quality optical glass domes for proper cosine reponse
  • MS-802F is a MS-802 with 110VAC/12 VDC ventilation system to prevent any possible influence of frost, snow and dust

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The MS-802 Secondary Standard Pyranometer is the ultimate reference sensor to measure global solar irradiance with the highest precision. Its robust brass mechanical construction makes it a durable sensor suitable to be used in harsh environments. The MS-802 is used as standard for PV research and climatology studies around the world.

In combination with a Sun tracker (STR-series) or manual shading ring (RSR-01), respectively the Global Normal Incidence (GNI) and Diffuse (DHI) irradiance can be measured. The MS-802F is a MS-802 with integrated ventilator unit to improve the performance under various environmental conditions (prevents or minimizes the effect of dew, rain, snow, ice and dust).


Specifications (typical) MS-802 / MS-802F
ISO 9060 classification Secondary Standard
Response time 95% (sec) < 5
Zero offset - Thermal radiation (200W/m²) < 6 W/m²
Zero offset - Temperature change (5K/hr) < 2 W/m²
Non-stability (change/year) < 0.5 %
Non-linearity (at 1000W/m²) < 0.2 %
Directional response (at 1000W/m²) < 10 W/m²
Spectral selectivity (0.35-1.5µm)  < 1 %
Temp. response (for 50°C band) < 1 %
Tilt response (at 1000W/m²) < 0.2 %
Sensitivity (µV/W・m-2) Approx. 7
Impedance (Ω) Approx. 500
Operating temperature range (°C) - 40 to +80
Irradiance range (W/m2) 0 - 4000 W/m2
Cable length 10m
Wavelength range  285 to 3000 nm