MS-700 Spectroradiometer 350 nm - 1050 nm


Eko Instruments


  • Suitable for permanent outdoor usage
  • Excellent long-term stability of detector array
  • Good Cosine response due to integrated diffusor and optics
  • Low temperature dependency
  • Fully controllable by data logger
  • High quality calibration and NIST traceable

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The compact all-weather MS-700 spectroradiometer is unique in many ways. It is as reference instrument for outdoors spectral irradiance measurements in many high-end research applications. The MS-700 covers a spectral range from 350nm to 1050nm and benefits from an advanced spectrometer which gives a stable output over time. The detector unit is temperature controlled at a fixed temperature to maximize the performance in a wide operating temperature range. It can be fully controlled by the data-logger through the serial command interface without the need for a separate PC.

MS-700 DNI

The MS-700 DNI with 5 degree angle collimating tube benefits from the same characteristics as the MS-700. The quartz window is heated and will remain free from dew deposition and ice. Due to its compact size in can be used in combination with the STR-21G and STR-22G Sun Trackers.

Specifications (Typical) MS-700 MS-700 DNI
Sensor head    
Wavelength range  350 to 1050 nm
Wavelength interval 3.3 nm
Spectral resolution FWHM 10 nm
Wavelength accuracy  
Exposure time (Exposure time) 10ms - 5sec
Temp. dependency (-20ºC to 50°C) < ± 1 %
Temperature control 25 +/- 5ºC
Cosine response (0...80º)  < 7% -
Aperture 180º
Slope angle -
Stray light 0.15%
Window material Optical glass Quartz glass
Communication RS-422 (Between head and power supply)
Cable length 10m (Optional max. 30m)
Power requirements 12VDC, 50VA (power supply)
Operating temperature range (°C) - 10 to +40 
Dimensions (sensor)

200(φ)×175(H) mm (With sun screen: 240(φ)×175(H) mm)


200(φ)×300(H) mm

Weight (sensor) 4kg 4.5kg 
Power supply    
AC supply voltage AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 50VA
DC supply voltage DC 12V

Operating and environmental


Temperature: 0 - 40ºC, Relative Humidity: 0 - 90 (%)

*No condensation

Dimensions 200 (W) x 140 (D) x 80 (H) mm
Weigt 1 kg