Fuehler FS3110 Humidity transmitter on-wall, continuous heated sensor, active output (0-10 V or 4-20 mA)


The innovative FS3110 humidity sensor with permanently heated sensor technology sets new standards in humidity measurement.
The integrated heating of the sensor of the FS3110 enables it to perform precise and reliable moisture measurements even under the most extreme conditions. This advancement enables a wide range of applications from the agricultural industry to food production.

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Humidity transmitter FS3110 detects temperature and relative humidity of the ambient air and converts the measured values into active 0-10 V or 4-20 mA output signals.
A further thermodynamic indicator calculated from the measured values can be transmitted at the third output, e.g.:
- mixing ratio
- absolute humidity
- dew point temperature or wet bulb temperature

The third output signal can be selected via DIP switch.
The FS3110 moisture meter has a continuous heating function and is specially designed for use in the high humidity range of 95 ... 99% relative humidity. Thereby, a much faster reaction rate with changes in relative humidity, even in the range > 95% r.h. is reached.
The combined digital humidity and temperature sensor is heated approx. 3K above ambient temperature.
From the measured rel. humidity at this overtemperature, chip temperature of the sensor and the ambient temperature (temperature measuring element in the second probe) is calculated and output the "true" relative humidity.
This sensor technology is optimally protected against contamination by a screwable sintered filter.
Optionally, a potential-free changeover contact and / or a backlit LCD display are available.
The contents of the backlit display can be rotated by the menu in 90° increments. The actual value, the set switching threshold, the relay status, the MIN / MAX measured values of the selected interval, etc. can be read.
Additionally, the switching threshold, hysteresis, offset value, etc. can be set directly from the unit.

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