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The latest technology for energy-saving, long-range data transmission (via low power Long Range Wide Area Network, LoRaWAN) in combination with our plant sensor technology, creates a new type of interface, connecting you to the Internet of Plants (IoP), opening the door to an entire universe of new possibilities and applications.

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Intelligent algorithms and machines, smart home, smart cities, talking trees, smart agriculture and the Internet of Things. These are modern communication technologies, data processing and automation that permeate all the areas of human activity.

With the Ecomatik IoP products, the information on a wide variety of plant vitality parameters and plant growth conditions may be continuously recorded and fed into further and subsequent information processing.
The basis for a clear online data visualization for more efficient monitoring of vitality and growth behavior, simply from your desk or on the go on your mobile device, as well as further automation and optimization of your work-flow and production processes.

IoP-S (LoRa node with 2 analog inputs):
A small but fine LoRa node with two analog inputs for measuring, e.g. two dendrometers or one LAT-B3 leaf and air temperature sensor.

IoP-M (LoRa node + Multi-Interface):
Small, energy-saving and with a large number of connection options, the IoP-M node, is a LoRa node with RS485 interface combined with our Multi-Interface.

Together the IoP-M is an all-rounder:
If both devices are combined to form a Multi-IoP node, almost all Ecomatik sensors, but also many sensors from other manufacturers, can be integrated and result in cost-efficient solutions for transmitting the most relevant plant data and environmental parameters via LoRa.

One of the many different sensor equipment options of a Multi-IoP node would be:
1x soil moisture and soil temperature sensor
1x trunk dendrometer
1x fruit dendrometer
1x LAT-B3 leaf temperature sensor
1x Air humidity, air temperature and air pressure sensor

Users are welcome to receive more individual configuration options on request.

Our IoP-S and IoP-M nodes are integrated via a LoRaWAN gateway, which establishes the connection to the Internet and the LoRa server on which the measurement data is stored. If you do not yet have an existing LoRa network with gateway and no LoRa server, we will be happy to find a suitable solution for your application. These range from a simple solution with your own gateway and the use of one of the many free LoRa servers (e.g. The Things Network) and online data visualization (e.g. Things Speak) to a customer-specific solution with your own LoRa server, database and data visualization.

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