AquaRead PRO Series Remote Water Monitoring System (300m)

AquaRead PRO



The PRO range stands on the success of the series Aquaprobe and Aquasonde, elevating every aspect of the construction, design, features and specifications. This makes this the ultimate remote water monitoring system.

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Type of Instrument Analyzer for Water
The Sensor measures: Water Flow

Models Aquaread's AP PRO and AS PRO bring with them new-to-industry materials allowing measurement at far greater depths.
The PRO range offers simple sensor exchange in the field.
It is fitted with a unique measurement chamber providing improved sensor stability for the most demanding applications as well as smart sensors that hold their calibration data. This allowis simple sensor exchange in the field.

Aquaread Smart Sensors

Water testing sensor-probes in the PRO range come complete with all of the key water quality smart sensors as standard.
They are equipped with a self-cleaning system to keep them clean for prolonged monitoring applications.

The main sensors are:

Optical DO • Electrical Conductivity • pH • ORP • Depth • Temperature

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