AO-500-55 Non contact Road Condition Sensor



Certification:  CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, ISO9001

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The Sensor measures: Road Surface State
Output Signal: RS485 - RS232
Power Supply: 220Vac, 24Vdc
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

AO-500-55 is a non-contact road surface state sensor-detector.
Due to its remote sensing technology, it avoids damage to the road as well as traffic interference during its installation and use.
Multispectral measurement technology used enables accurate detection of thickness of ice, snow or water on the surface of the road.

AO-500-55 detector is the ideal choice for road conditions where installation of embedded pavement sensors are inconvenient or inapplicable.
Remote installation means that there is no need to slot-cut surface or shut down the road. Its installation is safe and convenient.
The unit is almost free of maintenance and an ideal choice for road meteorological systems.
It can be installed on existing weather stations or on other buildings which have unobstructed views to the pavement.

The AO-500-55 detector is installed in a robust durable housing to ensure its stable working conditions. This provides accurate data during bad weather.

By providing accurate road state information, AO-500-55 can inform and alarm road management departments to take appropriate preventive actions, before extreme weather elements create a hazardous driving surface.

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