RGK-NEXCG-II Monochromatic Excited EDXRF Elemental Analyzer



Enhanced Elemental Analysis for Industrial Quality Control to Advanced Research Applications.

Next-generation Cartesian Geometry EDXRF Analyzer.

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Instrument for: Industrial Quality Control
Function: Elemental Analyzer

This NEX CG II spectrometer enables fast, non-destructive elemental analysis on a wide variety of samples (solids, liquids, powders, alloys, and thin films).
It detects elements from sodium (11Na) to uranium (92U) and in concentrations from a few ppm to very high percentages by weight.
Polarized excitation in conjunction with its high resolution SDD silicon detector offers lower detection limits.
The analyzes can be carried out in air, in a vacuum or in a helium atmosphere to improve the detection of light elements.
The NEX CG II spectrometer has several autosampler options, the standard being 15 positions.
The software has the RPF-SQX module for semi-quantitative analysis in the absence of standards and the EZ interface for routine operation.

Key Advantages & Features:
-  Non-destructive elemental analysis for sodium (Na) to uranium (U)
-  Rapid elemental analyses of solids, liquids, powders, coatings, and thin fi lms
-  Indirect excitation for exceptionally low detection limits
-  High-power 50 kV, 50 W X-ray tube
-  Large-area high-throughput silicon drift detector (SDD)
-  Analysis in air, helium, or vacuum
-  Powerful and easy to use QuantEZ® software with multilingual user interface
-  Advanced RPF-SQX Fundamental Parameters software featuring Scattering FP
-  Rigaku Profi le Fitting (RPF) advanced algorithm for peak deconvolution
-  Various automatic sample changers accommodating up to 52 mm samples
-  Low cost of ownership backed by a 2-year warranty


- R&D
- Energetic
- Chemistry
- Pharmaceutical
- Petrochemical
- Automotive

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