Measuring Moisture of Wood of Double Point for the Monitoring Constant



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Dual point wood moisture system K-2 is designed for constant monitoring of wood moisture contents during the drying process. It measures the moisture contents in two points. All electronic circuits are outside the drying chamber.

The system is consists of a circuit board with two transducers (no casing) and a receiver in a casing: 100x100x150 mm. The transducers circuit board can be mounted on a mounting rail, the receiver - either on a rail or in a square hole 100x100 mm.

The system is commonly used with vacuum drying chambers.

Technical data
Range 8 % - 60 % 
Accuracy ±2 % (within 8 - 28%)
±2 % + 10 % of measured value (above 28%)
Electrodes ϕ 4x30 mm - 2 x 2 pcs.
Wood temp. range 20 - 100 °C
Number of wood types 11
Display LCD 31/2 digits
Resolution 0.1
Power 240V, 50Hz
Size 100x100x150 mm

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