LAQUAtwin F-11 Fluoride (F-) pocket meter




HORIBA introduces the first and only pocket-sized Fluoride meter. Ref: 3200934412
With over 75 years of experience in electrochemical engineering, introduces the world's first unique planar fluoride pocket meter with ion selective electrode.

 Fluoride measurement in the field, easy and fast
 Measurement range from 0.1 to 990 mg/L (ppm).
 Minimum sample volume required: 0.3 ml
 Accurate reading in just a few seconds
 Simple 2-point calibration
 High precision +/- 2%
 Replaceable sensor
 Waterproof - IP67
 Screen with feedback

400,00 €

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The Sensor measures: Fluoride

 Selection of the measurement unit (mg/L, ppm):
Choose the unit that best suits your application and standard.

 Adjustable low and high calibration points:
Select any calibration standard with a factor of 10 between them.

 Auto Stable or Auto Hold Mode:
Reading is held when stable (Auto Steady) or frozen on the screen (Auto Hold mode).

 Automatic shutdown (30 minutes):
The device turns off automatically after not being used for 30 minutes, saving battery life.

 Low battery indicator:
The indicator will light when it is time to change to new batteries.

 Offset compensation function:
Enter your standard deviation (offset) to automatically compensate for this.

Stability indicator:
The happy face appears on the screen when the reading or calibration value is stable

 Semiconductor industry
 Pharmaceutical industry
 Boiler water
 Laboratory analysis
 Drinking water
 Food and beverage industry
 and much more

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