SDI-TRANS-RS232 Sensor Translator board (SDI-12 to RS232 Translator)



Replace your expensive data logger, and turn your PC, modem or wireless interface into an affordable SDI data logger with the SDI-12 to RS232 Protocol Translator board. Merely plug in the board to a RS232 port, open Windows HyperTerminal, and you are ready to query SDI-12 compliant sensors.

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Fully SDI-12 compliant.
Sends SDI-12 commands and passes back the responses.
Low power.
Can be used with any serial communication program.
Command line interface.
Can interface with up to 62 SDI-12 sensors.
Easy to mount with 4 mounting holes in corners.

SDI-12 to RS232 Translator Details
Although SDI-12 is a cryptic 2-wire hardware and software protocol, it is still a widely used standard interface between environmental sensors and data loggers. Until now, sensor users have had the difficult and costly burden of creating their own SDI-12 solutions from scratch. Because of the many eccentricities of the SDI-12 protocol, it is a difficult task to create a truly compliant SDI-12 sensor interface.

The SDI-12 Translator solves the SDI problem, by allowing your to quickly turn your computer or modem into an SDI-12 enabled logger, or terminal, and talk to SDI-12 compliant sensors.

Runs with any Serial Terminal Program
The translator's USB port emulates a serial port so you can use any serial port communication program such as Putty, Termite, or HyperTerminal to communicate with the device through a command line interface. You can also write your own software programs to communicate with the translator board, and merely need to target a serial port on your computer. We've created an Online Serial Terminal Application that you can run from any Chrome or Edge browser, that will allow you to communicate with your device.

Transparent Mode or Data Logger Mode
The translator allows you to pass through raw SDI-12 commands, or you can use the translator as a data logger by setting up the on-board scheduler. As a data logger, it will retrieve data at specified intervals, and save the data to your PC as a CSV file. Note that the terminal software that you select should have file save capability.

Other SDI-12 Solutions
If you have a sensor that doesn't have SDI-12 capability, you can user our SDI-12 Sensor Translator to quickly convert voltage output sensors into SDI-12 compliant sensors. If you're new to SDI-12, and want a simple, easy to learn, evaluation system to speed up your learning SDI-12, we recommend getting both a SDI-12 RS232 translator, and an SDI-12 Sensor Translator which can talk to each other.

Easy to Mount Enclosure
To keep the cost low, we sell the board by itself, or you can optionally pair it with an enclosure. The enclosure is made of 3D printed PLA.
The top part is of the case is transparent, enabling you to see the internal LED.
The bottom part has flanges with mounting holes, making it easy to mount.


Ultra-fast prototyping of SDI-12 sensor networks.
Replacement of expensive data loggers.
Environmental/Weather monitoring.
Control and monitoring of irrigation systems.
SDI-12 testing of sensors.
Remote SDI-12 monitoring of sensors through a modem.
Wireless access of SD-12 Sensors.
Crop Steering.

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