SC-XX (V) Signal Conditioner (Voltage Output)


Pot-Tech Electronics PVT LTD


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The Sensor measures: DC Current
---------- INDUSTRY ------------ Transducers

- SC-XX is a Electronic Card to amplify the voltage signal or Convert potentiometer /Resistance input to Voltage signal.
- In an extremely compact size of board 12 mm X 22mm X 73mm card mounted in a din rail enclosure of 23mm width and 83mm length and 35mm Height makes it a ideal product to use it with out enclosure in small size constraint location as well.
- SC-XX has a additional 5Vdc transmitter supply output makes it very suitable product for instrumentation industry. For heavy electrical noise atmosphere we have a model with isolated Input and output signal.
- Span and Offset trim potentiometer to trim it and Power LED makes it look elegant and convenient for industry use.

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