Hawkeye H721 AC Current Transducer (4-20mA output)



Solid core transducer. (does not open to insert the cable).
Selectable amperage range:
H721LC: 0 - 10/20 / 40A
H721HC: 0 - 50/100 / 200A
Analog output: 4-20 mA, powered by external @ 12-30VDC

Minimum Order: 2 Units

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The Sensor measures: AC Current
Output Signal: 4-20 mA
Power Supply: 12 - 30 Vdc
Sensor for use in: Indoor

The Hawkeye H721HC y H721LC models provide accurate load trending information with a proportional 4-20mA output signal.

There are three models available and each device offers three amperage range options, with slide-switch selection for easy field adjustment – no need for jumpers.

Select Model and range:
H721LC: 0 - 10/20/40A
 0 - 50/100/200A


  • Load trending
  • Motor control
  • Fan/Pump Status

Loop powered analog current sensor simplifies installation

    • Power the sensor, and receive the signal with only two wires...lower cabling and commissioning costs than with traditional 3-wire sensors
    • Self-gripping split-core for fast retrofit installation...no need to remove conductor

Selectable factory calibrated ranges for increased flexibility and resolution

  • Factory calibrated switch-selectable ranges for high resolution and installation ease
  • Three field-selectable ranges per unit...fewer versions to choose from, stock, and install
  • Bracket can be installed in three different configurations...added flexibility
  • 100% solid state, no moving parts to fail
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Sensor Power 30mA (max)@12-30VDC
  • Insulation Class 600VAC rms (UL), 300VAC RMS (CE)
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Temperature Range -15° to 60°C (5° to 140°F)
  • Humidity Range 10-90% RH, non-condensing
  • Accuracy ±2%FS from 10% - 100% of selected range, but not less than ±0.4A
  • Response Time 2 sec.
  • Terminal Block Maximum Wire Size 14 AWG
  • Terminal Block Torque (nominal) 4 in-lbs (0.45 N-m)
  • Agency Approvals UL 508 open device listing CE: EN61010-1:2001-2, CAT III, deg. 2, basic insulation