MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter [µmol m-2] with internal GPS


Apogee Instruments


Non-destructive Measurements
The MC-100 measures the ratio of radiation transmittance from two wavelengths (red, strongly absorbed by chlorophyll, and near infrared, not absorbed by chlorophyll).
This makes measurements non-destructive and nearly instantaneous (measurement times are less than 3 seconds).
This allows rapid measurements on multiple leaves and monitoring of the same leaves over time.

Patented chlorophyll concentration meter returns chlorophyll concentration in absolute units of µmol of chlorophyll per square meter of plant leaf area.
Features a growing list of specific species settings including, new for 2019: cannabis, grapevine, coffee, spinach, strawberry, cherry, hops, and blackberry.
Now includes internal GPS!

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Type of Instrument Chlorophyll Meter

Accurate determination of chlorophyll concentration in absolute units [µmol m-2]

Apogee Instruments announces a major advance in the non-destructive measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration.
Based on 
the research of scientists at Utah State University, Apogee has developed an optical meter that outputs an estimate of chlorophyll in units of μmol of chlorophyll per m2 of leaf surface in addition to CCI and SPAD.
This patent pending meter is a significant 
improvement over older style meters, which output indexes that are non-linearly related to leaf chlorophyll.


The MC-100 Chlorophyll Concetration Meter directly measures and displays chlorophyll concentration from intact leaf samples without damaging the plant material. This data can be used to monitor environmental stress, evaluate the demand and efficacy of fertilizer treatments and optimize harvest schedules throughout the growing season.

Linear Output
The Apogee chlorophyll concentration meter is calibrated to measure chlorophyll concentration in leaves with units of µmol of chlorophyll per m2. This eliminates problems with relative indexes of chlorophyll concentration. For reference and comparison purposes, the Apogee meter also outputs relative units [CCI or SPAD] if desired. For details see: Parry, C., Blonquist Jr., J.M., & Bugbee, B. 2014. In situ measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration: analysis of the optical/absolute relationship. Plant, Cell and Environment 37:2508-2520.

Typical Application
Applications include chlorophyll concentration determination in plant leaves for assessment of nutrient status, fertilizer requirements, evaluation of stress, and optimization of harvest.

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