Astori AstorBath Universal Digital Water Bath


Astori Tecnica


A water bath for microbiological analysis and other applications.

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The AstorBath water bath can be applied to different uses thanks to its remarkable height and stainless steel bath. The programmable digital thermostatic controller ensures that the set temperature is accurately maintained.
AstorBath is the ideal solution for all microbiological analyses, as tubes and bottles remain completely submerged in water, for heating culture media, samples, containers, for reductase test, other analyses, etc.

- Fiberglass structure
- Stainless steel bath
- Digital thermoregulator with 0.1°C resolution
- Over-temperature protection device caused by lack of water
- Programmable temperature range: from +5°C above ambient up to 100°C
- Accuracy: better than ±1°C
- Bath dimensions: 29x23x20 (h) cm
- Capacity: 13 liters
- Overall dimensions: 34x32x28 (h) cm
- Weight, without accessories: 6.3 Kg
- Consumption: 1,100 W

- Flat stainless steel lid
- High stainless steel lid, only for butyrometer stand PB67116
- Stainless steel high cover for various uses, not suitable for the PB67116 holder
- Stainless steel holder for 24 butyrometers
- Stainless steel brackets, size and hole diameters on request

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