MRC Lab WBL-100/101/200 Water Bath Circulator -30 to 100 deg C, Flow 9 litre/min




-  Volume (L): 9
-  Type: Circulation, Cooled
-  Temperature Range (ºC): -30°C~100°C
-  Temperature Constancy (ºC): ±0.1
-  Weight (kg): 35
-  Power Consumption (W): 1600

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Recirculating Cooler/Heater

 Compact design.
 For external & internal temperature applications.
 Low noise level.
 Rapid cool down and heating time.
 Water drain for easy cleaning of the inner tank.
 Models WBL-200 has casters.
 Water level protector.
 Ideal for direct immersion of samples or external circulating
system in the field of biotechnology & laboratories.
 Powerful circulation pump ensures temp. uniformity:
internal and external circulation.
 Connection with evaporator or viscometer is applicable.

  Refrigerated circulating open bath
  Tenperature range:-30 to +100 deg C
  Volume 9 liter,Stainless steel bath
  Digital PID temperature controller
  Cooling capacity 660watt at 20 deg c
  Heater 1600 Watt
  Circulation pump 9L/min. max. head 2m
  Water level protector
  With water drain and lid
  Refrigerator 1/3HP
  In/Output 9.5 mm
  Bath opening (mm):W200xD150xH150
  Bath dimension (mm): W200xD300xH150
  Outside dimensions(mm): W300xD500xH660

 Display resolution to 0.01°C
 Build in RS-232/485
 PT-100Ω temperature probe for direct measurements and control of external systems
 Analog inputs and outputs for external programer and temperature recorder.

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