MRC Lab WBL-Mini Mini Chiller Refrigerated/Heated Recirculators 5 to 35ºC




WBL-Mini & WBL-300, Mini Chillers:
Min. Temperature [°C]: 5ºC
Cooling Capacity: 150W
Volume (L): 1 Litre

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Recirculating Cooler/Heater

Mini Chillers WBL-Mini

MRC mini chillers, a compact line of refrigerated recirculators ranging in cooling capacities from 150 watts to 300 watts. With simplicity in design and operation, will provide years of reliable liquid temperature control to meet your application requirements.
Mini chillers are suitable for some small equipments.

Temperature Range (°C): 5-35
Temperature Stabliity (°C): ±0.1
Cooling Capacity (W): 150
Tank Capacity (L): 1
Pump Pressure (bar): 0.3/0.45
Pump Flowrate (L/min): 10
Port Size (NPT): 1/4”
Weight (Kg): 18
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)mm: 230X280X380

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