SO-110 Soil Response Thermistor Reference Oxygen Sensor


Apogee Instruments


• Measurement of O₂ in laboratory experiments or of O₂ gradients in soil/underground
• Monitoring gaseous O₂ in indoor environments for climate control, in compost piles, and in mine tailings
• Monitoring redox potential in soils
• Determination of respiration rates through measurement of O₂ consumption in sealed chambers

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The Sensor measures: O₂
Cable Length: 5 meters
Power Supply: 12Vdc heat/2.5Vdc thermistor
Sensor for use in: Outdoor
The SO-110 has a standard response time of 60 seconds.
It is designed for use in soil applications, and has high-quality cable terminating in pre-tinned pigtail leads for easy connection to dataloggers and controllers.
It includes a thermistor temperature sensor to correct for temperature changes and a restive heater to raise the temperature of the membrane approximately two degrees above ambient temperature to keep condensation from occurring on the Teflon membrane and blocking the diffusion path of the sensor.
Typical applications include measurement of O2 in laboratory experiments, monitoring gaseous O2 in indoor environments for climate control, monitoring redox potential in soils, monitoring of O2 levels in compost piles and mine sailings, and determination of respiration rates by measurement of the O2 consumption in sealed chambers or measurement of O2 gradients in soil / porous media.
Measurement Range: 0 to 100 % O₂

Sensitivity (at sea level, 101.3 kPa): 52-58 mV in 21 % O₂, 2.6 mV per % O₂, 26 µV per 0.01 % O₂

Output at 0 % O2: 5 % of output at 20.95 % O₂ or 2.5 ± 1 mV

Response Time (time required to read 90 % of saturated response):
60 s

Measurement Repeatability: Less than 0.1 % of mV output at 20.95 % O₂
Non-linearity: Less than 1 %

Signal Decrease per Year: 1 mV per year

Oxygen Consumption Rate: 0.1 µmol O₂ per day at 20.95 % O₂ and 23 C

Operating Environment: -20 to 60 C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity (non-condensing); 60 to 140 kPa

Input Voltage Requirement: 12 V DC continuous (for heater), 2.5 V DC excitation (for thermistor)

Heater Current Drain: 6.2 mA (74 mW power requirement when powered with 12 V DC source)

Thermistor Current Drain: 0.1 mA DC at 70 C (maximum, assuming input excitation of 2.5 V DC)

Dimensions: 32 mm diameter, 68 mm length

Mass: 175 g (with 5 m of lead wire)

Cable: 5 m of six conductor, shielded, twisted-pair wire

Warranty: 4 years against defects in materials and workmanship

USEA Amplifier with x100 Gain for an amplified voltage output to Data Loggers.

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