SQ-420X Apogee PAR Light Sensor with USB Output(Data Logger included)


Apogee Instruments


The new SQ-420 is a stand-alone PAR sensor/datalogger with 10,000 measurement internal data storage that can be uploaded to a computer. If continuously connected, the software graphs real-time PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density)


358,00 €

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The Sensor measures: PAR Light
Output Signal: USB
Cable Length: 4m
Sensor IP Rating IP68
Sensor for use in: Outdoor & Underwater
Mounting Accessories: Flanges and supports

Radiation that drives photosynthesis is called photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and is typically defined as total radiation across a range of 400 to 700 nm. PAR is often expressed as photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD): photon flux in units of micromoles per square meter per second (μmol m-2 s-1, equal to microEinsteins per square meter per second) summed from 400 to 700 nm (total number of photons from 400 to 700 nm). While Einsteins and micromoles are equal (one Einstein = one mole of photons), the Einstein is not an SI unit, so expressing PPFD as μmol m-2 s-1 is preferred.

The acronym PPF is also widely used and refers to the photosynthetic photon flux. The acronyms PPF and PPFD refer to the same variable. The two terms have co-evolved because there is not a universal definition of the term “flux”. Some physicists define flux as per unit area per unit time. Others define flux only as per unit time. We have used PPFD in this manual because we feel that it is better to be more complete and possibly redundant.

Sensors that measure PPFD are often called quantum sensors due to the quantized nature of radiation. A quantum refers to the minimum quantity of radiation, one photon, involved in physical interactions (e.g., absorption by photosynthetic pigments). In other words, one photon is a single quantum of radiation.

Typical applications of quantum sensors include incoming PPFD measurement over plant canopies in outdoor environments or in greenhouses and growth chambers and reflected or under-canopy (transmitted) PPFD measurement in the same environments.

Apogee Instruments SQ-420X quantum sensors consist of a cast acrylic diffuser (filter), interference filter, photodiode, and signal processing circuitry mounted in an anodized aluminum housing, and a cable to connect the sensor to a measurement device. Sensors are potted solid with no internal air space and are designed for continuous PPFD measurement in indoor or outdoor environments. The signal from the sensor is directly proportional to radiation incident on a flat surface where the radiation comes from all angles of a hemisphere.

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