New MEA PEM-Dyneon-725-10μm-0.5mg Pt-Cloth, Ref.: AO-74810005 View larger

MEA PEM-Dyneon-725-10μm-0.5mg Pt-Cloth, Ref.: AO-74810005



The XICAT™ Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA's) are highly durable for providing ultra-high performance assemblies in electrochemical applications due to the use of ultra-thin composite membranes.

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Type of Cells MEA's & GDL

The standard MEA is a 5-layer construction with a membrane sandwiched between a gas diffusion electrode (GDE) and catalyst layer. A second MEA structure is a 3-layer construction known as a catalyst coated membrane (CCM) in which the catalyst is applied directly to the membrane and there is no gas diffusion layer.

MEA PEM-Dyneon-725-10μm-0.5mg Pt-Cloth product is comprised of the following sub-components:
- 10 micrometers thick PEM-Dyneon (EW 725) composite membrane and carbon cloth based gas diffusion electrodes with 0.5 mg/cm2 loading of 60% Pt/C catalysts both for anode and anode.

The brand Xergy has a vast selection of:
- composite proton exchange membranes (C-PEM)
- proton exchange ionomers (PEI)
- composite anion exchange membranes (C-AEM)
- anion exchange ionomers (AEI)
to select from for the XICAT MEA design.
- C-PEMs/PEIs for the XICAT MEAs are available from Dyneon™, Aquivion™, and Nafion™ perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomers.   - C-AEMs/AEIs are available from Durion™ and Pention™ ionomers.

Active Area Membrane Area
2.2cm x 2.2cm 10.0cm x 10.0cm
5.0cm x 5.0cm 10.0cm x 10.0cm
7.1cm x 7.1cm 13.0cm x 13.0cm
10.0cm x 10.0cm 13.0cm x 13.0cm
MEA Properties
Membrane Type PEM-Dyneon composite membrane
Membrane Thickness 10 micrometers
Anode Loading 0.5 mg/cm²
Anode Catalyst 60wt% Pt on Vulcan (Carbon)
Cathode Loading 0.5 mg/cm²
Cathode Catalyst 60wt% Pt on Vulcan (Carbon)
Gas Diffusion Layer Carbon Cloth with MPL
Gas Diffusion Layer Type Woven Carbon Fiber Cloth
Gas Diffusion Layer Thickness .365 mm (365 microns)

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