AutoEDU IVDB03 Petrol DOHC engine ½ cutaway Educational Trainer




The IVDB03 Petrol DOHC Engine ½ Cutaway Educational Trainer is a comprehensive training tool designed to facilitate the teaching of gasoline engine constructions and structures.

This advanced educational tool provides a detailed and interactive learning experience for students and automotive enthusiasts.

It is an invaluable resource for any automotive training program, providing an in-depth and practical learning experience that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

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Category Automobile-Automotive
Function Gasoline Engines

- For a timing chain replacement procedure

- Gas distribution mechanism

- Camshaft drive mechanism

- Shaft locking tool

Visible components of the sectioned engine model:

- Engine block
- Engine head
- Crankshaft mechanism
- Crankshaft
- Pistons
- Connecting rods
- Rings
- Thrust bearings (inserts)
- Crankshaft
- Alternator
- AC compressor

The cutaway engine model is designed to demonstrate:

- A timing chain replacement procedure
- Gas distribution mechanism: camshaft, rocker arms, valves, tappets
- Camshaft drive mechanism: timing gear, chain, tensioners, sliders

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