AutoEDU MVHY01 Educational Hybrid Engine Trainer




Complete System Functionality
Diagnostic Capabilities via OBD 16-Pole Socket
Accessible Contacts for System Component and Circuit Measurements
Simulated Fault Code Scenarios

Rely on Genuine Knowledge, Exceptional Practical Training, and Engine Features That Guarantee Your Success.

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Category Automobile-Automotive
Function Hybrid Engines

Educational Hybrid Engine Trainer MVHY01 AutoEDU Overview:

Explore the intricate workings of a fully functional engine with the Petrol/Electric Toyota Hybrid Control System – II (THS–II), automatic gearbox, climate control system, instrument cluster, cooling system, electric power supply system, CAN gateway network, exhaust system, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive System Coverage:

    • Covers various components such as the engine, automatic gearbox, climate control system, instrument cluster, cooling system, electric power supply system, CAN gateway network, exhaust system, and more.

  2. Educational Wiring Diagram:

    • Equipped with an electrical wiring diagram featuring built-in banana plug jumpers for measurements and simulation of system fault codes.

  3. Fault Simulation Capability:

    • Simulate over 50 faults by disconnecting banana plug jumpers, providing hands-on experience in diagnosing and troubleshooting issues.

  4. Exhaust System Analysis:

    • Measure exhaust gas levels before and after the catalytic converter, enhancing understanding of emissions control.

  5. Safety Features:

    • Removable safety panels protect against hot and rotating parts, ensuring a secure learning environment.

  6. Visible Engine Components:

    • Engine with external components is clearly visible after removing safety panels, allowing easy access for service and maintenance.

  7. Climate Control System:

    • Fully functioning automatic climate control system with essential components like an electric AC compressor, R134a refrigerant, service couplers, and more.

  8. Integrated Emergency Stop Button:

    • Ensures safety during training sessions with an integrated emergency stop button.

  9. Diagnostic and Measurement Tools:

    • Utilize oscilloscope/multimeter for measuring system parameters, electrical signal parameters, and comprehensive control unit diagnosis through the OBD 16-pin diagnostic connector.

  10. ECU Compatibility:

    • Compatible with various ECUs including Hybrid Control System ECU, Power Source ECU, Engine ECU, Transmission Control ECU, Hybrid Vehicle Battery ECU, AC Climate Control ECU, Gateway ECU, Transponder Key ECU, Combination Meter ECU, and more.

  11. Closed Structure Design:

    • Closed aluminum frame construction conceals internal wiring, providing a professional and organized appearance.

  12. Dimensions and Weight:

    • Approximate dimensions: 1750x1450x1200 mm
    • Net weight: Approximately 470 Kg

  13. Origin:

    • Made in the EU with high-quality craftsmanship.

  14. Order Information:

    • Order no: MVHY01

The Educational Hybrid Engine Trainer MVHY01 AutoEDU is an invaluable resource for automotive education, offering a hands-on approach to understanding complex systems and technologies. Ideal for both teachers and technicians, it facilitates effective learning and skill development in technical subjects.

The hybrid engine trainer contains these ECU’s which could be found and readout with the scan tool:
Hybrid Control System ECU
 Power Source ECU
 Engine ECU
 Transmission Control ECU
 Hybrid Vehicle Battery ECU
 AC Climate Control ECU
 Gateway ECU
 Transponder Key ECU
 Combination Meter ECU

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