Scientech 2140-5G-VoLTE Smart Phone Training System




Scientech 2140 5G VoLTE Smart Phone Training System is a distinct, demonstration-based training solution.
It offers a hands on lab experience of working and functioning of 5G Dual SIM VoLTE Smart phone.
It focuses on indepth knowledge and understanding the fundamentals of evolving 5G technology.

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Category Telephone Systems
Function 5G

This training solution establishes a solid foundation in roubleshooting by simulated fault creation and helps students to expand their  knowledge and skills.
It comprises of a RF Spectrum Analyzer module that helps us to study the RF signals on a PC. Together, the training platform and software provide a complete learning solution that accelerates 5G handset training and learning.
Scientech 2140 covers the complete circuit signal flow. Its enriched product tutorial containing useful technical information will help user in understanding of 5G Dual SIM VoLTE Smart phone.

• A superior platform for study of 5G Smart phone and understanding 5G technology.
• Supporting bands: 5G Sub 6 FDD, 5G Sub 6 TDD Networks, along with 4G LTE FDD, 4G LTE TDD, 3G WCDMA, 2G GSM.
• 6.6” Touch screen TFT LCD full HD display.
• On-board elaborated block diagram of a 5G Smart phone.
• On-board display of various parts of Smart phone for easy identification at a glance.
• Section wise test points for easy observation signals/waveforms and voltage measurement.
• Understanding of working, and signals flow of various sections of a Smart phone.
• Soldering free fault creation and troubleshooting.
• USB interface for Spectrum Analyzer.

Scope of Learning:

Study of:
Real time operation of 5G Smart phone
Identification and working of various parts of Smart phone viz.
- Dual SIM interface section
- Battery charging circuit
- Touch screen display section
- Power management unit
Functioning of various User Interface section of Smart phone viz.
- Buzzer
- Vibrator
- MIC/Speaker
- Hands free
Study the signal flow and switched faults in various sections of Smart phone
Study of RF

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