Functional Vehicle AE-FV for Training and Education




- Educational and fully operational vehicle.
- Cutaway of different body and internal parts.

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Category Automobile-Automotive
Function Functional Model Car

In 2005 AUTOEDU started manufacturing vocational automotive training equipment systems under the AUTOEDU brand. We now design and manufacture automotive training equipment and other automotive educational products and systems for teaching and training purposes of automotive technology .

Since 2004 our company has organized automotive diagnostic training courses in our own training center. During the training, we found there was a need for automotive training and demonstrational equipment on which we could explain and show the different automotive technologies and possibilities of measurement and diagnostic tools for fault searching and repairing options.

Our manufactured automotive training equipment is a great tool for students from technical careers to understand the working processes of the various automotive systems available and explore the many and different sensors, actuators and other devices and their particular functions.

By using our own designed and manufactured equipment,  students are able to learn how to perform the various measurements, read and understand the technical documentation, the schematics, the wiring diagrams, understand the error codes, the signal characteristics and the particular diagnostic procedures.
Our long lasting cooperation with the different automotive and vocational schools, training centers and technical colleges, has helped us to provide them optimal, “up to date” and high performance training products and solutions that are suitable to their needs in their different training programs.

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