MSTACH03 Educational Analogue Tachograph




An educational analogue truck tachograph with paper disc charts is a great educational tool for students of automotive technical subjects and truck drivers to learn about different analogue truck tachograph usage and operation modes.

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Type Automobile-Autotronics

The device is delivered to the educational institution ready for use. The educational analogue tachograph with the paper charts is based on OEM components.

  • General characteristics of analogue tachograph:

- Fully functional system
- Driving speed simulation
- Rest and driving time modes are shown on paper disc carts
- Delivered ready to use
- Illuminated screens
- Suitable for transportation and storage
- Light case with carrier handle

  • The Training Box comes with:

- Educational analogue tachograph
- User guide
- Tachograph paper disc charts
- Power supply pack
- Impulse transmitter

- Made in EU
- Dimensions approx. (H x L x W): 38 x 37 x 24 Cm
- Netto weight approx: 6 Kg

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