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The PE-5000 Power Electronics Training System consists of 28 experimental modules, a three-phase squirrel cage motor, load, control and measuring devices. It includes single-phase rectifiers, three-phase rectifiers, DC choppers, inverters and application experiments.

The PE-5000 is the combination of power, electronics and control. It has wide applications of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. Popular circuits of power electronics contain rectifiers, choppers and inverters. The experimental modules of PE-5000 include converter, power supply, load, control and testing modules. These experimental modules and instruments are introduced and demonstrated in the subsequent experiments.

Chapter 1 : Basic Measurement and Characteristic of SCR and TRIAC
                  1-1: Three-Phase source voltage measurement 
                  1-2: Digital storage oscilloscope and differential amplifier
                  1-3: SCR characteristic and measurement
                  1-4: TRIAC characteristic and measurement

Chapter 2 : Single-Phase Rectifiers and AC Voltage Controller   (AC→DC、AC→AC)
                  2-0: Trigger pulse measurement
                  2-1: Single-Phase Half-Wave uncontrolled rectifier 
                  2-2: Single-Phase Full-Wave uncontrolled rectifier
                  2-3: Single-Phase Half-Wave controlled rectifier
                  2-4: Single-Phase Full-Wave controlled rectifier
                  2-5: Symmetrical Single-Phase Full-Wave Semi-Controlled rectifier
                  2-6: Asymmetrical Single-Phase Full-Wave Semi-Controlled rectifier
                  2-7: Single-Phase Semi-Controlled AC voltage controller
                  2-8: Single-Phase Full-Controlled AC voltage controller 

Chapter 3 : Three-Phase Rectifiers and AC Voltage Controller  (AC→DC、AC→AC)
                  3-1: Three-Phase Half-Wave uncontrolled rectifier
                  3-2: Three-Phase Full-Wave uncontrolled rectifier
                  3-3: Three-Phase Half-Wave controlled rectifier
                  3-4: Three-Phase Full-Wave Semi-Controlled rectifier
                  3-5: Three-Phase Full-Wave Full-Controlled rectifier
                  3-6: Three-Phase Full-Wave Semi-Controlled AC voltage controller
                  3-7: Three-Phase Full-Wave Full-Controlled AC voltage controller

Chapter 4 : DC Choppers (DC→DC)
                  4-0: IGBT characteristic measurement
                  4-1: DC PWM controller
                  4-2: Single-Quadrant DC chopper 
                  4-3: Two-Quadrant DC chopper 
                  4-4: Four-Quadrant DC chopper 
                  4-5: SCR DC chopper

Chapter 5 : Inverters (AC→DC→AC)
                  5-1: Single-Phase PWM controller
                  5-2: Single-Phase inverter
                  5-3: Three-Phase PWM controller 
                  5-4: Three-Phase inverter

Chapter 6 : Applications of Power Electronics
                  6-0: Power MOSFET characteristic measurement 
                  6-1: Buck switching power supply 
                  6-2: Boost switching power supply
                  6-3: Buck-Boost switching power supply
                  6-4: Flyback switching power supply 
                  6-5: Electronic ballast

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