KL-710 Biomedical Measurement Data Acquisition System




Educational Instrument for simulation of vital signs.

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Category Biomedicine

The KL-710 is an educational device simulation of vital signs, which allows students the virtual study them. The device contains hardware and software that can simulate under a demonstrative graphic environment (LabVIEW) and to help students expand their knowledge.

The simulation software allows students to edit the data and control the educational process in the experiments.

It carried out four general functions:

  • Students will control experiments with simulation cards that have inputs and outputs - Digital inputs and outputs.
  • Students will perform real-time calculations for strengthening educational expanding mathematical knowledge, electronic and treatment of simulated signals (digital filters Wave Analysis, Spectrum, etc.).
  • Students will learn to create databases, including statistics, simulated signals with the educational team.
  • Students will practice that will create different storage methods, allowing the student to learn to keep information gained from simulation tools vital signs.

The software, written in LabVIEW, allows students to create their own program or simulation code.

Simulation Experiment 1 Measurement of EEG

Simulation Experiment 2 Measurement Electrooculogram

Simulation Experiment 3 Measurement electromyogram

Simulation Experiment 4 Measurement heart beat and sound.

Simulation Experiment 5 Electrocardiogram Measurement

Simulation Experiment 6 Measurement of Blood Pressure

Simulation Experiment 7 Measurement of pressure and temperature parameters of the blood of animals

Simulation Experiment 8 Intestinal Sound Measurement

Simulation Experiment 9 Measurement Breath

Simulation Experiment 10 Measurement Lung Function

Simulation Experiment 11 Measurement of psychophysiological parameters

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