EMC-100 EMI Training System (Electromagnetic Interference)




EMI Training System for Electromagnetic Interference.
EMC-100 contains the measurement instrument (EMC-11001) for providing the electromagnetic interference conductivity, and different experimental modules for supporting the various radiated experimental courses.

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Category EMI (Electromagnetic Interf.)

The features of EMC-100 contain two parts: one is the measurement instrument which is equipped with function of measuring electromagnetic interference (EMI), including conductivity of electromagnetic interference and radiated electromagnetic interference.  It can provide products electromagnetic interference verification before an inspection. The other part is the training modules which allow students to implement the experiments easily and learn the basic concepts of electromagnetic interference and suppression countermeasure.  Beginners are able to learn electromagnetic interference theories, measurement and suppression techniques as being an EMC engineer.

1. Professional laboratory standard measurement software with powerful analysis software.
2. Measurement software provides one-shot scan frequency axis displayed in LOG/LIN 
    between 9KHz~30MHz.
3. Peak (PK), Quasi-Peak (QP), Average (Ave) measurement conforming to CISPR 16-1 
4. Spectrum analyzer mode. The peak (PK) measurement performs rapid-scanning.It allows 
    users to make a preliminary inspection and analysis on products electromagnetic 
5. Inspection value can be defined by users, and the data storage capacity can be
    unlimitedly achieved under PC based mode.

suppression components:
1. Experimental modules are designed for learning electromagnetic interference and 
    suppression countermeasure. More than 50 pieces of suppression components are 
    offered, and hundreds of suppression experimental modes are introduced in the manual.
2. The suppression components are developed by the experience integration of 
    electromagnetic compatibility engineers. Users can easily learn how to use different 
    suppression components to suppress electromagnetic interference.
3. Plug-in suppression components with error-proofing are expandable, easy maintenance 
    and modification.  
4. Comes with transparent case for clear view of suppression components.

1. The source of waveform for conducted electromagnetic interference
2. Power supply filtering experiment of conducted electromagnetic interference
3. Ground experiment of conducted electromagnetic interference
    A. Filter components without connecting to power grounding experiment
    B. Secondary side and power grounding experiment
4. Optimization experiment of conducted electromagnetic interference
5. The source of waveform for radiated electromagnetic interference
6. Suppression components experiment of radiated electromagnetic interference
7. Radiated electromagnetic interference grounded experiment
    A. Ungrounded experiment with laying copper
    B. Grounded experiments of filter suppression components
8. Shielding experiment of radiated electromagnetic interference
    A. Shielding experiment
    B. Shielding grounded experiment
9. Optimization experiment of radiated electromagnetic interference

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