ETS-5000 Advanced Digital Electronics Training System





The ETS-5000 Advanced Digital Training System is designed for the beginners to enhance the comprehension of advance digital theory.
The design of Advanced Digital Training System is easy to operate and easy to understand.

 CE marking

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Category Analog and Digital Electronics
Function Digital & Analog Theory
Solderless breadboard 2712 Interconnected nickel tie points
Display: Yes
Pulse Generator 1 Hz ~ 1 MHz
DC power supply Fixed DC outputs: + 5V, 1A and -5V, 300mA - Variable DC outputs: ±3V ~ ±15V, 500mA

Feature Specially Removable AD-222 solderless breadboard

Can be easily put into and taken off. It is convenient for keeping the individual experiment.


Reserve Fixed Holders
It is ideally suitable for various connectors.


1. Solderless breadboard : AD-222
2712 interconnected nickel plated tie points, fits all components with DIP sizes and solid wire AWG #22-30 (0.3-0.8 mm). It can be changed and replaced for different purposes and can be connected with demonstration panel. Therefore, it is very convenient for both teachers and students.

2. DC power supply :
Fixed DC output : + 5V, 1 A
Fixed DC output : -5V, 300 mA
Variable DC output : +3V ~ +15V, 500mA
Variable DC output : - 3V ~ - 15V, 500mA

3. Mode selector switch :
When the switch is put on 'TTL' or 'CMOS' position, the input or output of pulse generator, pulser switches, 8 bits data switches, digital probe, 8 bit LED display will meet the HI or LO level of 'TTL' or 'CMOS'

4. Two digits of 7-segment LED display

5. Pulse Generator :
(1) Duty cycle : 50%
(2) Frequency range : 1 Hz ~ 10 Hz
10 Hz ~ 100 Hz
100 Hz ~ 1K Hz
1K Hz ~ 10K Hz
10K Hz ~ 100K Hz
100K Hz ~ 1M Hz
(3) Amplitude : 0 ~ 10Vpp
(4) TTL/CMOS mode output
TTL : + 5V
CMOS : +VDC (depends on the + VDC output)

6. Eight bits LED display :
Set mode selector switch to 'TTL' position

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