NaturaSpec™ High-Resolution, High-Sensitivity UV-VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer Specifically for Fieldwork


Spectral Evolution


NaturaSpec™ provides high resolution/high sensitivity in a portable spectroradiometer for field use.

NaturaSpec has a spectral  range of 350-2500nm and three high density photodiode array detectors:
- 1024 element UV-enhanced Silicon array for 350-1000nm
- 512 element Extended InGaAs photodiode array for 1000-1900nm
- a 512 element Extended InGaAs photodiode array for 1900-2500nm.

The unit is lightweight and runs off a 100-240V AC Universal 50-60Hz power supply or Lithium-ion batteries.

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Type of Instrument Spectrometer

NaturaSpec provides high resolution and high sensitivity for  remote sensing applications for in situ field measurements. Applications include:

-  Vegetation studies
-  Environmental research
-  Soil analysis, mapping and profiling
-  Ground truthing
-  Geological remote sensing
-  Solar radiance and irradiance research
-  Species identification
-  Lab applications including materials identification

NaturaSpec is designed for field work with a rugged chassis, no moving optical parts, and rugged metal clad fiber optic cable that’s field replaceable. It features one touch operation with auto-dark current and auto-exposure. Communications include wireless Bluetooth and USB connection. It includes DARWin™ SP Data Acquisition software that is Windows 7/8/10 compatible and saves all files as ASCII.

NaturaSpec running EZ-ID™ mineral identification software is well-suited for mineral identification including identification of clays in soil.

EZ-ID provides pattern matching software that matches your target samples against three libraries of known samples for more than 1000 minerals: the USGS, SpecMIN and GeoSPEC libraries.

When used with one of our contact probes - either the 10mm spot size or our 3mm spot size Miniprobe - the NaturaSpec allows a researcher to collect a full day of scans in the field with high resolution and high sensitivity.

NaturaSpec™ Remote Sensing Bundle
NaturaSpec remote sensing bundle includes:

-  NaturaSpec spectroradiometer
-  DARWin SP Data Acquisition software
-  Pelican rigid foam lined protective case
-  Custom padded backpack
-  5x5 inch reflectance standard
-  1.5 meter metal clad fiber optic with SMA-905  input connector - removable- 25° FOV
-  NIST-traceable calibration of 25° FOV fiber optic cable
-  Pistol grip for fiber optic cable with triggering
-  Rechargeable battery for NaturaSpec and battery charger
-  USB Bluetooth adapter
-  Battery power cable

Accessories subject to change depending on availability.

 Spectral range: 350-2500nm

 Photodiode Arrays
-    1024 element UV-Enhanced silicon detector (VIS-NIR)
-    512 element TE-cooled InGaAs detector (SWIR 1)
-    512 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs detector (SWIR 2)

 Minimum scan speed: 100milliseconds
 Spectral resolution
-    2.7nm @ 700nm
-    5.5nm @ 1500nm
-    5.8nm @ 2100nm

 Noise Equivalence Radiance (with 1.2 meter fiber optic)
-    0.3x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 700nm
-    0.1x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 1500nm
-    2.5x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 2100nm

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