P3600 Handheld X, Fluorescence Spectrometer


Hubei Fangyuan


●  ROHS detection and analysis

●  Alloy analysis, grade determination

●  Ore composition analysis

●  Detection and analysis of heavy metals in soil and sewage

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Alloy Analysis
Parameters Measured Heavy metals

1.Adopts an ergonomic design, light and compact, can provide fast and non-destructive analysis of samples on site, the industry's first high-definition high-brightness large-size capacitive touch screen, convenient operation, and strong adaptability to the field and complex working environments.

2. The function is highly integrated, and only one instrument can meet the application of materials analysis, ROHS detection, mineral processing analysis, environmental protection and other fields.

3. Built-in GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth and other functions, can record the geographic information of the detection location, can perform data transmission online, and have an original remote assistance technical support function.

Analytical element range: from natrium (Na) to uranium (U) elements.

Alloy analysis mode: analysis of the content of each element in the alloy, the accuracy of each element can reach 0.01%, and the software also has a brand reporting function, which can accurately display the brand of the measured alloy, and can realize qualitative analysis in 5 seconds and accurate quantitative analysis in 8 seconds.

ROHS detection mode: The software developed for ROSH detection can process, calculate and display the measurement results of the collected spectrum signals, and can automatically save the measurement report.

Soil detection mode: can test Pb, As, Cr, Cu, Ni, Zn, Mn, Hg, Cd and other heavy metal elements at the same time, and the detection limit can reach mg/Kg level (with SiO2 matrix: Pb<5mg/Kg, As<3mg/ Kg, Cr<15mg/Kg, Cu<10mg/Kg, Zn<2mg/Kg, Ni<5mg/Kg, Mn<10mg/Kg, Hg<1mg/Kg, Cd<3mg/Kg);

Water quality analysis mode: can test the elements between Na and U, and the detection limit can reach mg/L level (with water matrix: Pb<1mg/L, As<0.5mg/L, Cr<2mg/L, Cu<1mg/ L, Zn<2mg/L, Ni<1mg/L, Mn<2mg/L, Hg<1mg/L, Cd<1mg/L).

Detection and analysis time: 3-60 seconds (adjustable).

Repeatability: RSD<4%

Excitation source: 50KV/200uA, Ag target, end window integrated miniature X-ray tube and high voltage power supply, matching power ≤4W

Detector: Using the latest 25mm2, 0.3mil, fast-SDD silicon drift detector imported from the United States, the energy resolution can reach 125eV, the detector uses electric refrigeration technology, no long and frequent waiting for refrigeration, 4096 high-channel MCA multi-channel pulse analyzer.

High-performance processor and memory: CPU: Intel quad-core processor/1.33GHz, memory 2G, data hard disk 32G

Screen display: High-performance 5.5-inch high-definition high-brightness LCD capacitive touch screen, sensitive operation, can better deal with data observation under strong light in field test.

Collimation and filter system: 6 kinds of filters and collimator up to 18 kinds of combinations can be automatically switched.

Software analysis mode: Alloy analysis mode, ROHS analysis mode, soil analysis mode, water quality analysis mode (configured according to customer needs).

Data storage: The test results can be automatically stored, including the types of elements, content results, and whether they exceed the standard. Store more than 10,000 sets of data and maps, and the capacity can be expanded through a memory card. Test reports are available in EXCEL, BMP, PDF and other formats, and can be exported.

Data transmission and processing: The instrument can transmit data or print online via USB, WIFI, and Bluetooth, and can simultaneously use the instrument and the computer screen, etc.

Safety Protection: Power-on password protection, two-level operation authority of operator and administrator, and a sample sensing device on the front of the instrument, with the function of automatically cutting off the X-ray source during empty testing to ensure the absolute safety of users.

Radiation protection safety: integrated packaging of miniature X-ray tube, X-ray radiation dose <1μSV/h when the instrument is working (provide a CNAS certified third-party test report), a lead rubber protective cover can be configured to ensure that loose samples and small samples are tested Safety.

Automatic statistics function of analysis data: It can automatically count the maximum, minimum, and standard deviation for multiple tests.

Test time control mode: It has trigger control and software control mode to operate the instrument, and it can also realize USB and computer connection operation and other methods.

Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 6700mAh. It can be used for more than 6 hours in a normal test when fully charged. The instrument has a power display function.

Built-in GPS function, can collect and record the geographic information of the test location in real time.

Calibration: A standard calibration sheet is included in the package to perform energy calibration and test.

Professional software function, can realize the comparison, enlargement, reduction and export function of the spectrum, independently calculate the total characteristic energy of each element, and set a fixed test report template according to customer requirements, and directly output the test report in standard format. Transmit to the printer to realize timely printing of field data.

The weight of the instrument is 1.5Kg (including batteries).

Work environment adaptability: humidity -20℃~+50℃, relative humidity <90%.

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