HPGe, Gamma Ray Spectrometer for Radioactivity Detection in Environmental Testing & Monitoring


Hubei Fangyuan


High Purity Germanium Spectrometer

A variety of detectors with different specifications are available
P-type coaxial detectors, N-type coaxial detectors, energy extended coaxial detectors, wide-energy detectors, low-energy detectors and very low-energy detectors are optional.
Up to 175 % Detection efficiency; energy coverage is optional from 1Kev to 10MeV.

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Instrument for: Radioactivity
Function: Radioactivity Measurement
Parameters Measured Gamma Radiation

1. Nuclear structure analysis in nuclear physics, molecular physics research, and atomic collision research

2. Nuclear power

3. Environmental testing and environmental monitoring

4. Inspection and quarantine, biomedical astrophysics, chemistry, geology, archaeology, metallurgy, material analysis

Both electric refrigeration devices and liquid nitrogen dewars are applicable.

4-inch low background lead room shielding

The top cover of the hydraulic lead chamber can be equipped with an automatic switch operation module

Fully digital multi-channel analyzer, supports all spectrum detectors, and provides a maximum of 32768 channels of data storage

Provide 3 kinds of high voltage power supply

Provide digital signal filtering and digital spectrum stabilization

With digital automatic pole zero, digital gated baseline restoration

USB interface, the maximum data pass rate is greater than 100kcps

Automatically determine the measurement time of unknown samples

Temperature coefficient: automatic temperature correction

.Wide temperature organic light-emitting screen displays the working information of the spectrometer

Software, integrated hardware control, energy spectrum acquisition, data analysis, report generation and quality control in one

Energy calibration and efficiency calibration: After the manual calibration is completed for the first time, the software can automatically complete the energy, peak shape and efficiency recalibration according to the stored standard source data file

Background determination method: automatic determination method, multi-point method, parabola method and polynomial fitting method

In the analysis of high activity samples, provide dead time correction function

Analysis result report: arranged according to the energy of the nuclide pool peak, according to the isotope type of the nuclide pool peak; total activity

Uncertainty report: activity percentage; technical or total counting uncertainty; 1, 2, 3 Sigma; systematic error or random uncertainty

All hardware parameters related to analysis results are saved together

Nuclide library: the user can edit the nuclide library, and he can build his own nuclide library according to actual needs and tag the peaks of interest

Quality standard: According to ANSI Nl 3.30 standard, record the total background of the detector at any time, decay correction, average FWHM ratio, average FW0.1 M ratio, average peak drift; actual peak center energy

Configurable network module/wireless module, ZigBee, Bluetooth, 3G module optional, integrated into the online detection system

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