PSR+ 3500 High Resolution Field Portable Spectroradiometers for Remote Sensing


Spectral Evolution


The PSR + is designed for the ultimate in field spectroradiometer performance. The ergonomic, lightweight design is optimized for single-user, all-day operation in a wide range of outdoor environments.

     Remote sensing
     Soils and Crops
     Forestry and Ecology
     Geological remote sensing

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Spectral Range: 350-2500nm

The sleek and compact design results in a full-range agricultural NIR spectroradiometer, which is easier to handle and operate; There is no better instrument for field work, whether you are checking satellite data or flying over hyperspectral data, participating in vegetation studies, conducting canopy research, studying crop health and climate change, doing soil analysis: the potential applications are practically endless.

The PSR + is not only innovative in its design, we have also improved performance and reliability. System cooling has been enhanced with the new unibody anodized aluminum chassis with integral heat dispersion channels.

Our new filter technology offers improved order sorting for better stray light performance and a smoother transition between detectors.

The spectral resolution of the PSR + is improved for high resolution scans:

  • 2.8 nm to 700 nm
  • 8 nm to 1500 nm
  • 6 nm to 2100 nm

The signal-to-noise ratio is best-in-class, and the automatic shutter, automatic exposure, and automatic dark exposure provide one-touch operation. With no moving optics and an improved optical path, it is ideal for field use no matter the conditions.

The PSR + can be combined with a wide range of accessories, including a range of field of view options such as 4, 8 or 14 ° direct mount lenses, 25 ° fiber optic, diffuser or integrating sphere. Fiber mount options include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 ° lenses. Can be used with a sample contact probe, pistol grip, blade clip, or benchtop probe with sample compactor.
The PSR + stores up to 1,000 spectra without a computer and can be used with a rugged laptop or tablet running DARWin LT on Windows 10 with digital camera, voice memo recording, altimeter, and more. All scans and associated data are stored as ASCII files for use with other third-party programs such as ENVI or chemometry software.

Our (optional) EZ-ID sample identification software with Custom Library Builder module is also available to quickly and easily create a specific spectral library unique to your application, for example a library of known vegetation samples or a library of vegetation samples. ground.

The PSR + presents:

- Full spectral range of 350-2500nm using one 512 element silicon photodiode array detector and two 256 element extended InGaAs photodiode array detectors
- Highest resolution in a handheld field spectroradiometer:

  • 2.8 nm to 700 nm
  • 8 nm to 1500 nm
  • 6 nm to 2100 nm

- Patented Sotex ™ filter technology for improved order sorting, smoother transitions and improved stray light performance

- Improved cooling and long-term performance, with a new anodized aluminum (unibody) chassis and integrated heat dispersion channels

- Improved optical path for superior and reliable operation no matter the conditions

- Best-in-class sensitivity (signal-to-noise ratio) with best resolution

- Automatic shutter, automatic exposure, automatic darkness correction for one-touch operation

- Direct attachment of 4, 8, 14 ° lenses, 25 ° fiber optic, diffuser or integrating sphere

- Fiber mount: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 ° lenses

- LCD display and comprehensive storage for 1000 scans

- USB and Bluetooth wireless Class I

- Wide range of accessories: contact probe, pistol grip, blade clip, benchtop probe / sample compactor

- Optional ALGIZ 8X rugged tablet with digital camera and GPS: photo tags, GPS coordinates and voice memos for scanning

- Galltec + Mela humidity sensor labels (optional) scan with humidity and ambient temperature data (requires ALGIZ 8X option)


PSR Series spectroradiometers use a strong diffraction grating, based on their internal optics. It uses multiple detectors in the form of a photodiode array.
This guarantees both a high sensitivity and resolution without having to use light-robbing internal fiber optics, ultra narrow slits or grids and prisms that can misalign.
PSR Series spectroradiometers can measure spectra in less than 100 milliseconds.

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION leader in the production of portable and laboratory spectroradiometers and NIR spectrometers, for remote sensing applications, including geological remote sensing, soil verification, spectral remote sensing, environmental and climate research, crop and soil research, vegetative studies , forest and canopy surveys, radiometric calibration transfer, upwelling measurement and more.
Our NIR spectrometers and spectroradiometers provide the best combination of high resolution and high sensitivity, resulting in the most accurate portable field instruments available on the market.

The NEW PSR + spectroradiometer series introduces a new standard for remote sensing applications in the field.

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