BF5 Solar & PAR Light Radiation Sensor

Delta T


  • Measures global and diffuse radiation
  • Sunshine duration
  • No moving parts, no shade rings
  • PAR reference sensor for SunScan System 
  • Outputs can be PAR (mmol.m-2.s-1), Energy (W.m-2) or Lux

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The Sensor measures: PAR, Energy, Illuminance
Output Signal: 0 - 4 VDC
Power Supply: 5 - 15 Vdc
Sensor IP Rating IP65


  • Measures global (total) and diffuse radiation
  • No moving parts, no shade rings, and no motorised tracking  
  • New model includes heater as standard  
  • Outputs can be Energy (W.m-2), PAR (mmol.m-2.s-1), or Lux
  • Designed for use with Data Loggers or the SunScan Canopy Analysis System

Unique design
The Sunshine Sensor is a patented design*. It uses an array of photodiodes with a unique computer-generated shading pattern to measure incident solar radiation. A microprocessor calculates the Global and Diffuse components of the radiation and determines the sunshine status. A built-in heater keeps the BF5 clear of dew, ice and snow down to -20°C.
* The Sunshine Sensor is protected by patents EP 1012633 & US 6417500

Two analogue voltage outputs are provided for the Global and Diffuse radiation. The sunshine state is represented by a digital output (contact closure). The three outputs can be connected to appropriate channels on data loggers e.g. the Delta-T logger type DL2e, or other loggers commonly used for environmental monitoring.

The BF5 sensor can be used as an additional sensor with a conventional Met Station. The weather station logger is used to record Global (Total) and Diffuse radiation and the sunshine state (or duration). Power for the sensor comes from its internal alkaline batteries or alternatively from the weather station logger battery. Typically the data will be used for Global and Diffuse radiation, and the sunshine hours during the day (see chart opposite). Direct beam radiation is calculated from Total minus Diffuse. Radiation output units can be preset to energy or PAR or illuminance.

1.5m RS232 cable type SP-BF-RS01: 1.5m RS232 cable. IP68 M12 5-pole connector (f) to 9-way D-connector (f). Connects BF5 to PC. Supplied as standard with BF5.

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