FibreCube High-performance fibre optic pyrometer (up to 2000ºC)




 Temperature ranges from 100°C to 2,000°C
 Miniature fibre optic sensing head for ambient temps up to 150°C
 Choice of precision optics and through-lens LED aiming light
 Extremely fast 1 ms response time
 Short measurement wavelength for improved performance on reflective metal surfaces, compared with general-purpose models
 4-20 mA, voltage, alarm outputs & RS-232 communications
 Optional display and configuration unit

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The Sensor measures: Temperature of a surface
Power Supply: 24 Vdc
Communication RS232C Modbus RTU, non-isolated

FibreCube provides fast and precise temperature measurements in the most demanding applications.

Measurements as low as 100°C can be made, with a response time of just 1 ms.
The sensing head contains no electronics, and may be used in ambient temperatures of up to 150°C with no need for cooling.

You can measure very small objects and a measurement spot as small as 0.4 mm is available using standard optics, and even smaller with special optics (contact Calex).

For measuring small targets at long distances, FibreCube is the most capable Calex sensor, with measured spot sizes as small as 6 mm at 1 metre distance.

A built-in bright green LED aiming light illuminates the exact size and location of the measured spot, so the sensor is easy to aim with total precision.

The fibre optic cable is made to order, with lengths of up to 10 m or 28 m available depending on the model. The length can be specified to the nearest metre. All our models can measure through glass or quartz viewport windows.

Welding preheat:
Instantly and accurately measure the preheat temperature of steel surfaces before they are welded.

Finishing and coating:

Measure the preheat temperature of bare metal surfaces on small parts before they are coated.

Tools and machine shafts:

Small, bare metal machine parts such as cutting tools, bearings and shafts can be monitored without contact.

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