PY2-C-025 Rectilinear Displacement Transducer with ball tip


Capetti Elettronica s.r.l.


Rectilinear displacement transducer with ball tip.

The PY2-C-025, linear position transducer, with useful electrical stroke of 25mm, allows the position detection of moving mechanical parts.
The technology adopted to transduce the position measurement is POTENTIOMETRIC and of military origin, where a resistive track and collector are electrically connected by means of contact brushes mounted on the cursor.

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The Sensor measures: Linear distance

Rectilinear displacement transducer with ball tip - Provided with five-pin connector - 25mm useful electrical stroke.

Useful electrical stroke (C.E.U.): 25

Resolution: Infinite

Displacement speed:  ≤ 10 m/s

Displacement force:  ≤ 4 N

Life:  >>25x106m strokes,or 100x106 operations, whichever is less (within C.E.U.)

Vibrations:  5...2000Hz, Amax =0.75 mm amax. = 20 g

Shock:  50 g, 11ms.

Tolerance on resistance:  ± 20%

Recommended cursor current:  < 0,1 µA

Maximum cursor current:  10mA

Electrical isolation:  >100MΩ a 500V=, 1bar, 2s

Dielectric strength:  < 100 µA a 500V~, 50Hz, 2s,1bar

Actual Temperature Coefficient of the output voltage:  < 1,5ppm/°C

Working temperature:  -30...+100°C

Storage temperature:  -50...+120°C

Case material:  Anodised aluminium Nylon 66 G 25

Control rod material:  Stainless steel AISI 303

Fixing:  Brackets with variable longitudinal axis


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