HOBOnet Repeater (incl. lithium batteries), RXW-RPTR-B-868




A complete system requires:
- a HOBO MicroRX Station, which has an integrated HOBOnet Wireless Manager, and a HOBOnet Wireless Sensor.
- a HOBOnet Wireless Repeater (RXW-RPTR-B-xxx) can be added to extend the range of both system options.

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Sensors Accessories: Repeaters

The HOBOnet Wireless Repeater has been designed to work with the HOBOnet Wireless Sensor Network.
The HOBOnet repeater is ideal item when there is an obstruction between wireless sensors and the RX Stations or to extend the transmission range of the wireless sensors in your network.

Highlighted Features:

-    900 MHz wireless mesh self-healing technology
-    450 to 600 meter (1,500 to 2,000 feet) wireless range and up to five hops
-    Up to 50 wireless sensors or 336 data channels per HOBO RX Station
-    Simple button-push to join the HOBOnet wireless network
-    Onboard memory to ensure no data loss
-    Powered by 2 user-replaceable lithium AA batteries

In what environment does this communication operate?: this communication operates in an indoor environment.

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