Tank Water Level Sensor - AquaPlumb



Monitor and Control your Tank Water Level with Just a Wire!

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The Sensor measures: Water level
Output Signal: 0 - 3 Vdc
Cable Length: 3m
Sensor IP Rating IP68
Sensor for use in: Outdoor & Underwater
Sensors Accessories: Various
Mounting Accessories: Power SupplIes & Chargers

Water level sensor probe features

      No moving parts.
      Water resistant enclosure.
      Rugged design for long-term use.
      Accurate measurement.
      Instant results.
      The output voltage is proportional to the liquid level.
      It can measure large changes in the water level.
      Low cost.
      Not based on conductivity.
      The probe does not corrode over time.
      Compact size and easy to assemble.
      Very low power operation.
      It works with many different types of fluids.
      Wide supply voltage range.
      Compatible with Arduino and most data loggers.
      Proudly made in America.

AquaPlumb Water Level Sensor Details

Accurately measure the level of any liquid, including water, salt water, and oils.

Waterproof and resistant

The weather resistant control box will give you years of trouble free operation. Mount the box to any surface in minutes, using the mounting holes on the side of the box.

The sensor cable is made of strong PVC plastic and is also resistant to corrosion over time. It can be trimmed to any length to match the depth of your water tank or reservoir, from 10cm to 3 meters deep.

Connect the sensor to any system

It is easy to connect the Aquaplumb to other equipment because it continuously generates a voltage directly related to the percentage of the cable that is submerged. The output range is 0 V to 3 V, where 0 V is the minimum water level and 3 V is the maximum water level.
Any device that can read a voltage can read the Aquaplumb water level sensor. This includes devices as simple as voltmeters, to more complex data loggers.

Vegetronix modular building blocks

We provide the modular building blocks you need to create your soil moisture application.
With these building blocks, you can create systems that will control soil moisture and automatically control irrigation.

We recommend using the VegeHub WiFi Garden Sensor Hub to read the AquaPlumb, because you can view the water level data on your computer or phone's web browser, remotely from anywhere in the world.

Sensor Cloud: VegeCloud.com, which will graph, store and manage the water level sensor data.

Low power and battery operation

AquaPlumb is designed to be lower in power, so its batteries can last for years. For lower power operation, just turn the sensor on just before taking a reading, and then turn it off, until the next reading.

The normal operating mode power is only 1.2 mA, so this system can be continuously powered in 4-20 mA current loops used by PLA. During calibration mode, the sensor uses up to 20 mA, but this is only used during calibration for initial setup.

Additional characteristics

The AquaPlumb water level sensor can be adapted to any tank depth with a simple calibration procedure.
For your convenience, the end of the cable has a clamp, which can be mounted to the side of a tank, on a small weight, or on a pole, to hold the cable in place. When ordering AquaPlumb sensors, select the power cord length from standard lengths of 2 meters, 5 meters or 10 meters. The sensor cable comes in standard lengths of 1 meter and 3 meters in length.

Water Level Sensor Probe Specifications


Power Consumption (Normal Mode)
1.2 mA
Power Consumption (Calibration Mode) 20 mA
Voltaje de suministro de 3,5 V a 20 VDC.
Resolution 3mV
Dimensions See drawing.
Warm-up time (on to stable output) 400 ms
Output impedance 10K ohmios
Operating temperature -40C a 85ºC
Accuracy at 25 ° C 2%
Output>Output 0 to 3V linear with fluid level

Water Level Sensor Probe Applications

  •           Water tanks for livestock.
  •           Flood and spill alarms.
  •           Rain barrel monitoring.
  •           Reservoir monitoring.
  •           Environmental monitoring.
  •           Water conservation applications.
  •           Replacement of mechanical float.
  •           Electronic toilets.
  •           Aquaponics
  •           Aquarium monitoring.
  •           Sensor for Internet of Things.

The AquaPlumb kit includes: sensor cable, sensor cable clamp, controller board, waterproof box and power cable.

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