6415 Davis Ultrasonic Anemometer




The ultrasonic anemometer, developed to measure wind conditions without moving parts.

650,00 €

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The Sensor measures: Wind Speed/Direction
Cable Length: 12m

Measure wind speed and direction with electroacoustic transducers that send sound pulses from one side to the other. The time it takes for pulses to travel from one transducer to another is affected by air movement.

Speed and direction can be calculated by calibrating the air temperature
The sonic anemometer has its own solar panel that charges an internal battery.
Suitable for Vantage Pro 2.wired and wireless.

Technical data:
Length: 390mm
Diameter: 65mm
Cable length: 12 m

Included in the supply:
Ultrasonic anemometer
Mounting parts
Battery Alignment Tool

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