RXMOD-A1 4-channel Analog Module for RX3000




These modules are mounted on the HOBO RX3000 to power sensors from other manufacturers. Each RX3000 supports one or two RXMOD modules.

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The Sensor measures: mV, Vdc, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

The optional analog module has four analog inputs that support excitation power, scaling, and statistics measurements.  These four, single-ended sensor inputs are configured through HOBOlink.
A HOBO RX3000 is required for this product.

Highlighted Features

  • 15-bit resolution and high accuracy
  • Each module can have its own logging rate
  • Input ranges up to 33 Vdc

Input Channels

Four, single-ended, in addition to smart sensor data channels

Measurement Range and Accuracy

0–25.6 mA DC, ±5 µA ± 0.15% of reading
0–2.5 V DC, ±0.25 mV ±0.2% of reading
0–5 V DC, ±0.25 mV ±0.2% of reading
0–10 V DC, ±0.3 mV ±0.2% of reading
0–20 V DC, ±0.6 mV ±0.2% of reading
0–33 V DC, ±1.20 mV ±0.2% of reading


15 bits

Field Wiring

Two- or three-wire via screw terminals, 16–24 AWG

Minimum/Maximum Input Voltage

0/33 V DC

Minimum/Maximum Input Current

0/25.6 mA

Minimum Source Impedance for Current Measurement

20 KΩ

Excitation Voltage

12 V DC ±5% at 200 mA maximum per module

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