SI-431 SDI-12 Digital Output Standard Field of View Infrared Radiometer


Apogee Instruments


SDI-12 Digital Output Standard Field of View Infrared Radiometer


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Apogee infrared radiometers are the most accurate non-contact temperature sensors available anywhere. The SI-431 has an SDI-12 digital output and comes with a 14 degree half angle field of view. The sensor has tinned leads for connecting to a datalogger. Applications include measuring the temperatures of road surfaces, plant canopies, and soil, snow and water surfaces. Measurement of surface temperature is a crucial component of energy transfer. Accurate measurement of the leaf-to-air temperature gradient is essential to the determination of transpiration rate and stomatal conductance in both single leaves and plant canopies.

Input Voltage Requirement: 4.5 to 24 V DC
Current Drain: 1.1 mA (quiescent), 6 mA (transmitting)
Calibration Uncertainty (-20 to 65 C): 0.3 C, when target and detector temperature are within 20 C
Calibration Uncertainty (-40 to 80 C): 0.5 C, when target and detector temperature are different by more than 20 C
Measurement Repeatability: < 0.05 C
Stability (Long-term Drift): less than 2 % change in slope per year when germanium filter is maintained in a clean condition
Response Time: 0.2 s
Field of View: 14° half angle
Spectral Range: 8 to 14 μm; atmospheric window
Operating Environment: -45 to 80 C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 2.3 cm diameter and 6.0 cm length
Mass: 190 g (with 5 m of lead wire)
Cable: 5 m of four conductor, shielded, twisted-pair wire. Additional cable available in multiples of 5 m. Santoprene rubber jacket (high water resistance, high UV stability, flexibility in cold conditions). Pigtail lead wires.
Warranty: 4 years

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