LU06-W Wireless Sensor Ultrasonic Hydrometric


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Hydrometer Ultrasonic Sensor

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The Sensor measures: Water or Snow Level

Ultrasonic wireless level sensor. Applications or as hydrometer or as snow gauge, suitable for outdoor use with high temperature and aggressive atmospheres such assewers, silos, etc.. Aluminum structure anticorrodal IP65 with automatic temperature compensation. Conforms to WMO for environmental monitoring. Sensor is equipped with electrical protections and available with different signal outputs.

• Ultrasonic wireless sensor for measuring the water level/snow

• Conforms to standard WMO

• Aluminium body IP65 for outdoor applications

• Piezoelectric measuring system with automatic compensation for temperature

• Measuring range: 0÷6000mm (0÷10.000 mm on request)

• Resolution: 1mm

• Accuracy: 0.1% f.s.

• Reduced power consumption (<900mW in reading)

• Reading very fast (> 1s)

• ZigBee Wireless standard transmission

• Operating conditions: -25÷ +70°C even in corrosive atmosphere.

• Autonomy: 6 months in battery, unlimited with small 10W panel solar

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