URI-A Humidity Sensor for Indoor Applications 0÷100%Rh (Output: 0÷1Vdc)


Nesa srl


The sensor is made of plastic material for the measurement of indoor humidity.
Its small size allows use in hidden conditions.
Sensor made of a thin film that changes the capacity in linear mode with the air humidity and can be interfaced to a wireless transmission module that uses the ZigBee protocol.

460,00 €

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The Sensor measures: Relative Humidity
Output Signal: 0 - 1 Vdc
Power Supply: 10÷30Vdc

Sensor for the measure of humidity in indoor applications. Compact and sturdy, it can be interfaced to wireless ZigBee module, so it is possible to create a network with more sensors, all acquired from TMF’s series datalogger.
Sensor is equipped with electrical protections.

Its small size allows use in hidden conditions.
Available also in the combined version temperarure & humidity (model UTAI).

• Accurate and reliable indoor Air Humidity

• Sturdy and compact plastic body

• Range: 0÷100%Rh

• Resolution: 0.1%

• Accuracy: < ±2%

• Response time: <10sec (10 ÷ 80%Rh)

• Operating conditions: : -40 ÷ +60°C

• Output signal: 0÷1Vdc 

• Power supply: 10÷30Vdc

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