PTN-N Temperature profiler for snow coverage


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Temperature profiler for snow coverage, made with a pole in anodized aluminum and white painted, with 12 temperature sensors with high precision (Pt100 1/5DIN).
Complete with base plate, adjustable arms, sensors  in teflon with IP68 connector for an easy replacement.
Output: Pt100 4 wires for each sensor complete of Calibration Report and 10m cable for each sensor.

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The Sensor measures: Temperature

Temperature profiler for snow cover, made with a pole in anodized aluminium and white painted and with 12 high accuracy temperature sensors (Pt100 1/5 DIN)places on adjustable and removable arms up to 25cm away from border pole, to appreciate  small temperature differences between the various points. The measurements start from ground level up to a maximum of 250 cm height. The arms with the sensors mounted on their head, are arranged radially around the pole, to reduce the physical interference among them and ensure that each sensor is fully immersed in the snow at its corresponding level. Each arm is also installed with a specific angle (about 10°) that limits the stay of snow in its surface during the denouement.

The distance between the individual sensors changes according to the height from the ground. All sensors are inserted in a special terminal in Teflon and are easily interchangeable thanks to a special IP68 screwed connector.

The sturdy structure, fixed to a base thanks to a special plate, is designed for cable routing.All sensors have a 4-wire cable and can be connected to an acquisition system via terminals.

Available options for this sensor: (see also section Sensor Accessories )
- MCS interface to have sensor outputs as current, voltage or in digital format on RS485 and Modbus protocol.
- Certification ACCREDIA (see Certification).
- T5D probes as spare parts (Pt100 1/5DIN)

• Accurate and reliable Snow Temperature Profiler
• 12 measuring points distributed over 250cm height 
• Measure with RTD Pt100 1/5 DIN 
• According to WMO standards
• Double hole for cable routing to and from the terminals
• Anticorodal Aluminum body with size and weight compact
• Interchangeable Teflon coated sensors with IP68 connectors
• Range: -40 ÷ +60°C
• Resolution: 0.005°C
• Accuracy: DIN 43760 1/5 DIN (±0.06°C @ 0°C) 
• Response time: <6s
• Operating conditions: : -60 ÷ +80°C, 0 ÷ 100% RH
• Output signal: Pt100 4 wires for each measuring point
• Power supply: 10÷30Vdc 

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