SF-110 APOGEE Frost Detector (- 40 to +70°C.)

Apogee Instruments


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Manual Spec Sheet Sample Program Frost Detector (- 40 to +70°C.)

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The Apogee SF-110 is a combination of two temperature sensors (precision thermistors) in a single housing. One sensor is designed to mimic a plant leaf and the other a flower bud. The SF-110 provides close approximations to leaf and bud temperatures and can be used for prediction of frost on leaves and buds.

The temperature measurement range of the SF-110 is -40 to +70°C with an accuracy of ± 0.1°C from 0 to +70°C. However, the sensor is intended for applications in cropped fields and orchards when temperatures will be near freezing, and where air temperature measurements are not a good predictor of frost formation.

Measurement Range: -50 to 70 C
Measurement Uncertainty: 0.1 C (from 0 to 70 C), 0.2 C (from -25 to 0 C), 0.4 C (from -50 to -25 C)
Measurement Repeatability: < 0.05 C
Non-stability (Long-term Drift): < 0.02 C per year (when used in non-condensing environments where the annual average temperature is less than 30 C; continuously high temperatures or continuously humid environments increase drift rate)
Equilibration Time: 10 s
Self-Heating: < 0.01 C (typical, assuming pulsed excitation of 2.5 V DC), 0.08 C at 5 C (maximum, assuming continuous input excitation of 2.5 V DC)
Operating Environment: -50 to 70 C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity

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