ARIMAD-3000 An instrument for Measuring the Water Potential of Plants




ARIMAD uses a pressure chamber of the “Schulander” type to measure water potential of plants. This indicates:
- prevailing soil moisture condition;
- influence of environment factors
- state of water within the plant
ARIMAD is light and portable.It can be operated easily by one person anywhere.
ARIMAD tests are simple and short. The five steps are:
- selecting a represenatative leaf;
- preparing the instrument;
- inserting pressure in the chamber;
- reading the plant’s water potential.
ARIMAD is a plant tester in contrast to other instruments which test soils or climatic conditions.The pressure chamber method domonstrates the plant’s reaction to moisture excess or deficiency.This data will determine an exact irrigation schedule.

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The water potential is a clear indication of water deficiency in a plant and of the ability of the plant to absorb water.
Fluctuations of water potential imply changes in growth,proteins and photosynthesis.Hence,an accurate picture of developmental changes within the crop is portrayed.
ARIMAD Advantages
ARIMAD reflects changes taking place in the development of the plant.Typical samples can be taken from various fields with immediate results. Irrigation scheduling based on ARIMAD enable postponement of over-irrigation and result in water economies
A frequent check of plant’s water,which causes a reduction in yield.
The correct use of ARIMAD helps to fix an exact water allocation.
The growth of the plant remains controlled from the first stage of irrigation.A significant correlation is established between the water potential of the plant and its yield.An approximate indication can be given as to recommended indications for watering cotton: Sprinkler irrigation-18 bar. Drip irrigation-14 bar.
Adjustments need to be made for every crop for different climatic conditions.
If tests show a deviation from recommended averages-a modification of the irrigation schedule should be
High tention values-immediate application and increasing amount of water.
Low tension values-reduction of the water application

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