MRC Lab DCS Ultrasonic Baths (3 to 27 liters)




Digital Ultrasonic Degas laboratory Baths + heater basket and cover.

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Ultrasonic Baths

-High cleaning speed, strong power, excellent homogeneity.

-Excellent ultrasonic bath for all laboratory and industrial use, with strong cleaning power.

- Microprocessor Control: Timer and Temperature Control
- Degas, pulse & sweep functions increase performance by up to 20%
- Heater up to 70°C
- Timer up to 99 min
- Includes basket and Stainless steel SUS 304 cover
- Includes drainage system.

Designed for cleaning metal parts, plastic, ceramics and more.

5 working modes: Degas, Sweep, Pulse, Power Set

STANDARD MODE for melting and unloading

PULSE MODE is 20% more powerful in pulses.

SWEEP MODE More dispersion for improved uniformity - for cleaning ultra-tiny parts.

DEGAS MODE Removes bubbles and gases that are in the liquid and interfere with cleaning.

POWER REGULATION For cleaning delicate surfaces

Shortens cleaning time and improves it.

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