MRC Lab DYCD Dry Cabinets with Shelves and Doors




Best seller: Cupboards and Cabinets for drying 1-10%RH DYCD-1428 liters, 5 Shelves and 6 Doors.

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Dryer

Material: 1.0mm thick Cold-rolled Steel
 DYCM-Series: 20-60%RH
 DYCD-Series: 10-20%RH
 DYCDE-Series: 1-10%RH

With adjustable LED display, and control with Computer Interface, (Registers Humidity and Temperature inside the Cabinet).

 Door frame is covered with magnet rubber.
 Special desiccant in DRY-UNIT is semi-permanent.
 Humidity controller maintains stable constant humidity.
 Sturdy and durable shelf is movable up and down & slip layer board make the interspaces adjustable.
 Energy saving design: low electricity consumption resurgence, no heating.

● Digital Dry cabinet 1-10%RH, 1428 liter Thermoelectric drying system
● Internal: W1198xD680xH1738mm
● External: W1200xD700xH1920 mm,120kg
● Used to store: optical, medicines and chemicals, electric components
● Steel case, glass door+key, 5 shelves
● Black is ESD safe, white is Non-ESD safe
● The maximum load for each shelf is 50 kg

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